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le vent du nord

Le Vent du Nord (from the album Territoires available on Borealis Records)
The five members of Le Vent du Nord are proud of their accomplishments. The Canadian band post impressive statistics on the splash page of their website, stating that in the seventeen years as a group, Le vent du Nord have released ten albums, toured four continents and played over 1900 shows. Success has been a result of following the rhythms of their music, an exercise that has led Le Vent du Nord to the forefront of the Quebec’s progressive Folk movement. Translated into the English language as The North Wind, Le Vent du Nord (the band) need no decoding as an explanation of their music.

The is a joy on Territoires, the recent release from Le Vent du Nord. The music created by Le Vent du Nord shows origins in Celtic traditions while the band infuse the sound with touches of acoustic music from around the globe. Folk traditions ground “Le Soir Arrive” while a Folk future can be heard in the hurried beats of “Evolution Tranquille” as choral voices rise and fall in the harmonies of “Louisbourg” and an edge is carved into “Adieu du Village” by a sharply defined melody. Le Vent du Nord play with a passion that is infectious, the sound of the band translating to get-up-off-your-feet-and-dance. Territoires opens on a rushed rhythm when Le Vent du Nord fly into “Le Pays de Samuel” while they play a reel for “Cotillion du Capitaine” and create a undertow with the frenetic jazz-influenced scrambling pulse of “Au Regiment”.

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