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Le Vent du Nord at Littlefield 2 min

Le Vent du Nord at Littlefield
Tickets: $25-30. 21+. Show at 7:30 pm.

From Canada comes Le Vent du Nord, the North Wind. This is a band that takes traditional Quebecois folk music as a starting point, but they’re also heavily influenced by Celtic music, and perhaps by the sounds of gypsy jazz and American folk song. The five members of the band play traditional instruments like the fiddle, the accordion, the foot-tapping board, and the hurdy-gurdy, an ungainly looking contraption but one that works for them. They’ve also won two Juno Awards – that’s Canada’s version of the Grammys. Quebec folk band Le Vent Du Nord plays Wed., May 15, at Littlefield in Brooklyn.